Learners and educators of the 21st century are confronted with a vast wealth of open and readily available information, and the accelerated evolution of social, mobile and creative technologies. These offer learners and educators unprecedented opportunities, but also entail increasingly complex challenges. Educators may still provide access to knowledge, but now they also need to carefully craft the conditions for learners to enquire, explore, analyse, synthesise and collaboratively construct their knowledge from the variety of sources available to them. This entails a need for a shift in their role: from providers of knowledge to designers of learning. The call for such a repositioning of educators is heard from leaders in the field of TEL and resonates well with the growing culture of design-based research in Education. Yet, it is still struggling to find a foothold in educational practice.

To address this gap, we will lead an 8-10 week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) in Learning Design, in Autumn 2012. The MOOC is aimed at researchers and practitioners in open and distance education, as well as educational practitioners in general. It will bring together some of the world’s leading researchers in Learning Design, and present participants with a broad choice of tools, practices, expert commenteries and theories which will inform their future work. In the course of this MOOC, participants will be exposed to the rationale and motivation for a learning design approach, the state of the art in the field, and the current grand challenges for research and practice. The will familiarise themselves with a variety of tools, methods and practices, and gain the skills to lead learning design initiatives in their context of practice.

This MOOC will cover:
  • what is learning design and why should you care about it?
  • the state of the art in learning design
  • links to design based research, instructional design and other design disciplines (e.g. HCI)
  • representations, tools, practices and methodologies
This MOOC will be project based: participants will work in small groups on projects of their choice, and learn the art and science of learning design through practical experience. The MOOC team will guide participants in defining a context and educational challenge, using appropriate tools to analyse it and devise effective solutions, implement and evaluate these solutions.

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